Property Agents Believe Landscaping Increases Home Value

Most property agents with an aesthetic sense pay attention to minor details such as overgrown hedges, an ignored lawn and an unkempt garden. Since a lawn no matter what size can change the feel of your home with a few landscaping efforts.

Landscaping your lawn prior to setting up your home for sale will not only increase the visual appeal of your home but will also result in a significant increase in its estimated value. However, while upgrading your garden keep in mind not all buyers would want a high maintenance garden, in fact gardening and trimming the plants twice a week might turn out to be a put off for some people. Therefore, while renovating your garden choose plants which do not require much attention and focus on the designing element for maximum benefit.

The first step you need is to ask property agents you have shortlisted about their ideas regarding your garden and the kind of changes which will make it stand out. Once you have their suggestions you can work through their opinions along with the list of actions I have compiled for you to renovate your lawn without spending much.

Utilisiing a colour combination with bold colour flowers at the front and softer shades at the back creates an interesting effect. This will add depth to your garden irrespective of its small size with the bold colours attracting attention.

The entry into your lawn can give a feeling of grandeur with a simple arbor covered with climbers or creepers. You can create a similar effect with small trees, shrubs and even potted plants using intricately designed pots for a good entrance view.

A small private patio secluded from view by tall trees and shrubs can add to the coziness and warmth of your home. A few concrete pavers to place a couple of chairs and a table are all you need to construct your own private patio in your garden. This is the area where you have the liberty of being creative and decorate it with decoration items lying around your house.

An empty plant bed can be transformed into an enchanting flower bed by using a combination of seasonal plants which will keep it looking fresh throughout the year. Remember to use low maintenance plants which should be easy for the buyer to care for in the long run.

Property agents firmly believe homes with outstanding landscapes attract a larger number of buyers and gain a better price compared to other less maintained homes in their vicinity. For a better perspective on home landscaping by professional property agents you might wish to contact them for assistance in locating quality property agents in your district. Enjoy your landscaping and hope your home sells well.